Febriyara Putra

15 years have spent conquering creative industry and spent more than 8 years as a creative figure in the world of advertising.

Andin Rahmana

More than 6 years giving lectures and training to potential marketing practitioners.

Franzeska Aurel Natasha

a multinational social media analyst who spent 6 years assisting government agencies.

Lestari Andardini

a social media and purchasing expert who spent more than 6 years across industries.

Amelia Tri Mirnasari

a campaign leader, a creative coordinator, and a social analyst who’s familiar with the marketing and advertising industry for 5 years.

Nyoman Recynta Agrita Putri

a Communicative K-Popers.

Afifah Tri Amanda

a Selective Pop fan.


a Shalawat person who’s good at Purchasing Stuff.

Rifqi Fauzan

an Artistic psychedelic enjoyer.

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